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Requirements for Optimal Health

The basics of true health are truly elemental. By learning how your body works and why it gets sick you can figure out the natural methods known to reverse diseases that may have otherwise been terminal.
The very first ,basic method is detoxifying your body of the old toxins that have accumulated there over the years. Almost everybody should detox now and then.
If you are a vegetarian eating organic products, don’t drink alcohol or use refined sugar and wheat, exercise regularly and so on. You probably don’t need to bother.
The rest of us though need to cheat with help of different kinds of detoxification procedures. 

Colon cleanse is the most fundamental method to start with. Colon is an important part of the digestive system and if it doesn’t work properly the whole body suffers. The old idiom“what you put in is what you are going to get out” also applies for your body. Mainly due to wrong dietary habits most of us have accumulated serious levels of toxic waste that develops a lining in the colon.
Removing that lining is essential to allow our body to start healing and detoxification processes. 

What our cells really need is actually quite simple—both simple to understand and simple to provide.
The three basic elements of optimal health are the bone/collagen structure, acid/alkaline balance and hormonal balance.