Drinking Water

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How long can you live without water? A few days at most, so obviously this is the second most important factor.
Although water itself is truly amazing element and have plenty of secrets I think the one concerns us mostly now is to drink water that is alive so to say. If you drink bottled or tap water you are drinking dead water that has very little of the original value left. The process of cleaning water with RO or many other methods basically kills it. Also the chemicals and the fact that tap water runs in tight pipes and corners kill the water. Among other things it becomes acid whereas it should be slightly alkaline.
Drinking huge amounts of dead water does not actually benefit you at all quite the opposite. It for example dilutes the salts in your brain and negatively affects the brain functions.
Luckily there are simple ways to revitalize the water. The simplest is pouring water from an vessel to another with as great distance in between as you can handle. For example from your bottle to glass then from the glass to another glass as many times as practical. You’ll notice the difference immediately.
Again there are other simple, cost effective ways and I’ll come back to those in future articles.

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