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This is the most talked about subject concerning health so I won’t go too much in detail about it.
If I’d give just one advice that would be “ Do not eat refined sugar at all” but find alternative sources to satisfy your craving for sweet. Sugar is probably more addictive and dangerous than alcohol and it’s everywhere so you need to be careful.
Good alternatives would be fruits, honey, and non-refined sugars like coconut sugar (available here in Thailand).
But normally I need to give at least one more advice “ do not eat refined starches at all” but try to get brown rice, wholegrain bread etc.
The secret to eating in general is proper mastication just like your parents told you. Never hurry while eating, make a point to take your time. The reason why is that mouth is actually the first part of your digestive system. Saliva has enzymes that are very much needed by your belly to continue the processing of the food properly. Finally the last part of system namely colon has to be clean in order tobe able to do its part of the work.
Like with all the information it is only good when you put it in practice. Just do it.
Contact us now and we can help you discover the ways it all can work for you so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of life for as long and as vigorously as possible.

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