About Our Clinic

So what is Detox and why should you do it?

In short it means the elimination of accumulated toxins from your body. Almost everybody should detox now and then. If you are a vegetarian eating organic products, don’t drink alcohol or use refined sugar and wheat, exercise regularly and so on. You probably don’t need to bother. The rest of us though need to cheat with help of different kinds of detoxification procedures.

Colon cleanse is the most fundamental method to start with. Colon is an important part of the digestive system and if it doesn’t work properly the whole body suffers. The old idiom“what you put in is what you are going to get out” also applies for your body. Mainly due to wrong dietary habits  most of us have accumulated serious levels of toxic waste that develops a lining in the colon. Removing that lining is essential to allow our body to start healing and detoxification processes. 

Here at Katchamat Detox Clinic we specialize in Colon Hydrotherapy (Colon cleanse), Chelation Therapy, and other health rebuilding procedures. Wellness and alternative health care is our passion. The owner has been on this path for more than 20 years and we all actually use these personally. Also our young doctor is studying constantly the latest methods in this field. So when we recommend and advice we do know it from the wisdom gained from the experience rather than just academic knowledge. Our working ethos is confidentiality, respect and dignity.

Contact us now and you’ll discover the ways it all can work for you so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of life for as long and as energetically as possible.